World of Warcraft Legion Raids Solo Guide


Since the addition of the Legacy Loot System on the World of Warcraft Legion Raids platform, a good enough reason to solo the whole dungeon has been brought into the light. In the following guide, we will show you the most efficient way to solo in Legion Raids, as well as the requirements and specialization that you will require during your excursion.

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Legion Raids: Requirements & Specializations

The first and foremost requirement is that you should be at least level eleven or higher before you approach the raid. It’s because the Loot Legacy System will kick in, allowing you to have more chances for the raid boss to drop the equipment that you need, for shadowlands solo legion raids. However, the actual recommended level to enter the raid is for you to max out because even if you have an average gear with a high character level, you will be able to get through the raid with ease, for wow Legion raids.

Speaking in terms of the class and specs, you can choose any class to complete the Legion Raids as a solo player. However, if you are going in as a Priest, then remember to specialize in the Shadow tree to have DPS, which is known to be efficient for defeating the boss. The most suggested classes are Blood Death Knights, Feral Druids, and Hunters, for shadowlands solo legion raids. You can always get an advantage to shrug off the control mechanics of some bosses with Paladins and Tanks. Rogues are also quite considerable in terms of solo raiding due to their increased mobility in speed.

Blood Death Knights are great overall for solo raids because they have a sustained self-healing and DPS option. Hunters are more of a ranged specialized class, and with pets, they are even better because they can take AGGRO from you. Whereas, Druids have a genuine balance of healing, tanking, and dealing damage, making them a versatile class. In the end, it all depends on your gameplay, because even after choosing the best, you might most likely get in trouble.

Legion Raids: Viable Solo

When you are running the raids at Lower or Heroic difficulty levels, you should be capable of doing the overall instance in solo mode. If you choose to do it in Mythic, then you are bound to run into troublesome scenarios, and especially if you are not properly geared. Most of the bosses require a DPS check to clear or have problematic mechanics in Mythic mode, for wow Legion raids.

If you pass the DPS check of Mythic Nythendra, you will easily be able to solo The Emerald Nightmare in any difficulty. You will also encounter checkpoints similar to the previously mentioned during your time in Nighthold, as a legion raid location, but you can pass through them if you have a decent DPS class equipped. Apart from that, for the rest of the raid, you will need a gear that is high-level, and by that, I mean level 460 or greater. It may take time to learn, because it won’t happen in just a day of training and analyzing strategically, but you will get there.

Legion Raids: Tips

We suggest that you use everything that you have, such as buffs, trinkets, consumables, and so forth because while you’re running the raid solo, you will need every help that you can get. In addition, prepare potions, as well as odds & ends before you start the run because running out of supplies in the middle of the raid will be quite disappointing. Also, leave a few slots to gather the loots that you obtain from the mobs and bosses.

Since you’re basically alone, you will have to keep an eye out on your Stamina, Mana, Hit Points, and whatnot. There’s no one that you can rely upon to save you in dreadful situations. It also means that you should focus on your positioning and the movements of the boss while considering the mechanics. We recommend that you watch a few videos of how solo runners complete the raid to get a better idea of the dungeon. Just remember that it is the opposite of what you experience while raiding with a group.

Maxing out before trying out a solo raid is always suggested, so you might want to do that first. Grab a few World Quests, as well as the Benthic Cloak before approaching the dungeon, and you should be set with around 400-ish character level, which is perfect to breeze through the raid. If you end up failing, then try again, because, as mentioned above, it’s not something that you can learn in a few minutes or hours.